Sunday, January 22, 2012

Budd Lake Fishing Report 1-22-12

20-inch Bass hooked on a Lindy Slick Jig 14 FOW

Fished Budd Lake for the first time this year.  Mark and I fished the South end of the lake looking for pan fish.  We started out fishing at 11am and by 4 pm we had drilled over seventy holes from 17 FOW all the way into 4 FOW finding only small pan fish, musky, and pike.  Found lots of musky and bass in all depths which is a great sign for summer fishing.   The weed cover is way down this year and most of our favorite fishing spots are completely weed free.  It looks like the lake had been treated at some point this year.  At 4:30pm we stopped pan fishing and started jigging for walleyes.  We hooked a nice 20-inch bass, saw a big pike, and missed the only walleye we could make bite.   The ice conditions vary in most locations from 3 to 5 inches with only about half being good clear ice.   I would not take an ATV of snowmobile on the lake at this time after what we saw today. 

Good Luck...