Sunday, January 22, 2012

3" Magnum Report - Houghton Lake

Well, after a short work week I packed up the family and headed back to Houghton Lake for round 2 of 2012 ice fishing on the east bay, I got my wife to come along to see what its all about and she had fun watching me and my dad catch lots of pike while her and the dog sat next to the fireplace keeping warm and hydrated.
We caught lots of 22" pike and a couple keepers, 1 big large mouth that we released on our 2 days of fishing but the Walleyes were hard to find. We jigged everything in our boxes and even tried cutting the heads off our minnows to try and entice those elusive Walleyes but we fell short all weekend. The pike seem to favor the tip ups and Lindy slick jigs.
If you head out on Houghton in the next couple weeks be careful of the ice and don't go somewhere just because someone else did, there are unsafe areas still. We also had heavy snowmobile traffic all weekend and some of them don't care about how close they are to you or your tip ups as we found out.

- Rich "3-inch mag"

Butch with his first pike of the day.


Rich loves pike...

Bones sleeping the day away
Butch hoping for a walleye

Slick jig pike