Saturday, July 23, 2011

Fishing Reports 7/21 - 7/23 (Budd Lake, Long Lake, Houghton Lake)

Holly with her first muskie.   Caught in 23 FOW on a Red / Yellow / Silver
Deep 20 Taildance while trolling for walleye.

Fished Houghton Lake on Thursday (7/21) from 9am - 1pm with my nephews.  The weather was hot and the west wind made it almost impossible to fish in our areas, so we took a few hours and did some swimming on the sand bar.  At 2pm we packed up and headed south to fish Long Lake in Harrison.  When we arrived at the lake we found lots of pleasure boaters trying to beat the heat.  We fished until 8pm before calling it a day.  Overall we hooked seventeen bass, one pike, and Chachi broke off a big fish on a slip bobber rig.  I'll head back to Long Lake later in the summer to try and catch a big walleye off of the East side of the lake. 

Holly and I fish Budd Lake tonight Saturday (7/23) from 7:30pm - 10:00pm hoping to find a big walleye.  Last Sunday we fished Portage Lake and found lots of walleyes suspended down 12 foot in 20 FOW and hoped to find the same conditions in the 82 degree (F) Budd Lake water.  We fished the South shore at the start, but quickly moved to get away from the heavy boat traffic.  At 8:15pm we moved out into 25 FOW and trolled with deep 20 taildancer targeting set above the fish that we marked at 16 foot down.  We hooked our first fish and then lost it close to the boat without making an ID.  Then at 9:14pm Holly hooked her first tiger musky and did a great job getting it to the boat on 8 lb test.  We found out that tracker the dog is not a fan of catch and release.  As the muskie started to swim away tracker jumped in and chased after it along with tangling up two lines.

Good Luck....

Budd Lake trolling path.