Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Walleye 101 Fishing Seminar

Lance Valentine Walleye 101 Seminar at Saginaw Gander Mountain
You can never know too much about walleye fishing no matter what your level of experience.  And when you have the opportunity to attend a free fishing seminars held by experts it's a great way to expand your knowledge base.  As my boss always tells me "you never lean anything when your doing all of the talking" and with that in mind it was great to listen to Lance Valentine and his staff from Walleye 101 put on an excellent three day free informational seminar at Saginaw Gander Mountain.  Lance is a good as they get and he is also a great speaker who will keep your attention and help you learn in the process.  The free three week seminar covered topics from open water trolling, GPS and Sonar tips, to river walleye fishing methods.  Lance and the Walleye 101 staff have a great seminar format setup with lots of video and PowerPoint presentations that really go into detail and keep you glued to the topics.

If you have the chance to attend a Walleye 101 event you should do it, you'll have fun and learn in the process.  Check them out at or at .