Monday, April 11, 2011

3" Magnum Detroit River Report

Trenton Channel Early Moring Fog

Rich and his first open water walleye 4/10/11
It's on! Spring walleye is on the upswing in the Trenton channel of the Detroit River. We loaded up the skiff Friday night in preparation for a weekend of excitement on the river. Saturday morning we were in our favorite fishing hole by 7:00 am to find no less than 300 boats within a 1/4 mile radius due to the DWF tournament going on. Its was fun and unbelievable. The best way to describe it is organized chaos as you have all these boats drifting downstream sometimes inches from each other. Most of the people out there have been doing this for years and manipulate their trolling motors around each other without a problem.  We had a great time and saw a few nice fish hooked.

The fishing report is as follows:

  • Saturday,  we got shut out.  Had a few hits and lost two on plain lead 5/8 oz jig tipped with minnow.  Lots of light bites.

  • Sunday started with slow action for most anglers until the fog lifted and then it turned on for about an hour. We landed 1 fish during that time and had countless hits on chartreuse jigs tipped with white twisters / minnows. Purple and Plain jig heads were also working tipped with motor oil color grub or minnows.and minnows.
Good luck and we'll see everyone next weekend on the river.