Saturday, April 23, 2011

3" magnum report

This morning Cody and I went to the Trenton Channel and got 1 nice male for the freezer and quite a few lite hits and lost 1 hogg that broke Cody's line. This afternoon I went back out by myself and got 1 more nice male and lost 5 half way up to the boat. This was very disappointing to me and I almost threw my pole in the water. All 5 lost fish were within about an hours time. The fish were in deeper water today and had little action with chartreuse and found the magic color of the day to be orange. Hand liners were filling their boats up today and the Bliz and Kieth had there limit within 2 hours this morning pulling fire tiger baits. The water in the entire river is muddy due to heavy rains all week but the fish don't seem to mind. I will have a boat load tomorrow morning and see what the river will give us.


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