Friday, July 18, 2008

Hougthon Lake 7-18-08

The best action yet! Houghton Lake was on FIRE this morning. We setup and started trolling at 7:00am and we had our fifteen fish limit at 10:25am.

We fished the "Devils Ledge" which is a 4.5 foot break in the middle of the lake that's surrounded by 8 FOW on both sides. We trolled with the normal HL walleye smasher (tail dancers and storm thundersticks) for three hours of fun fish fighting action. The one change to our normal setup was the addition of speed to the troll 2.5 to 2.75 mph.

Our best fish was 20" and the rest were all 15 to 16 inch fish. The impressive part of the fishing trip was we boated 36 total walleyes.
We also had three double headers, two triple headers, and one streak where we had six walleye on at one time.