Friday, May 11, 2007

Walleye Still Missing

The walleyes are still hard to find on Houghton Lake. I fished Thursday (5-10) from 5:00pm until 10:30pm and once again caught numerous small pike and no walleyes. Two other fishing teams I talked to had the same results.

Fishing conditions were good yesterday with 63F water temperatures and a light West wind. I started out by working the East bay for a few hours in 7 to 11 FOW and then moved to the South shore and fished from the Elks west. We trolled and jigged without a walleye, but the small pike action is out of control and I would say we were catching a pike every ten minutes.

I was surprised by the number of fishing boats on the south end last night, I would say their were at least 25 boats working from the Elks to the West. One notable was the fact that around 8:30pm only three boats were still fishing which leads me to believe that the walleye fishing is slow for everyone.

I'm heading back up to Houghton this afternoon and I'm going out of the West launch to try some areas that we normally fish in the later part of the summer.