Friday, June 08, 2012

Saginaw Bay

Aaron and Mark with a nice fish.
Aaron with the first fish of the morning.

Had a great time fishing the Saginaw Bay today with a great group of guys.  We launched out of Standish and made our way down to Pinconning to fish in14 to 17 FOW.  When we arrived we found lots of fish all through out the water column.  Fish were suspended at 7 foot all the way down to the bottom.  We setup and ran spinners on high lines back 25 on boards, spinners along the bottom 5 foot up, and deep diving tail dancers on divers back 20 foot.  We caught fish on all of our setups trolled with the wind 1.6 to 1.8 mph.  The best action was on orange and our best fish was 24 inches.  We lost a lot of fish reeling in and had a lot of short strikes on our spinner rigs.  Overall we kept 8 fish for dinner and had a great morning fishing. 

We started fishing this morning in 14 FOW and work NE with the wind.  Started at GPS N 43 50.378  W 83 50.414.

Good Luck....