Saturday, June 25, 2011

Littlefield Lake 6/24/11

Waiting for the fish to bite.

Littlefield Lake Shorline

Friday afternoon we headed down to Isabella County to fish Coldwater Lake, but our plans got changed.  When we arrived at the county park boat launch the ranger informed us that we could not go out on the lake because the sheriff had closed the launch for the day do to bad weather.   We made the best of the situation and headed over to Littlefield Lake to try our luck.  Not knowing much about the lake we spent an hour driving around marking out fish and structures.  The lake is very clear and deep, so we fished along the defined drop offs that you find all around the lake.  Overall in 5 hours we did not hook a fish jigging and trolling.  We saw lots of carp and a few bass in in the shallow.