Sunday, February 06, 2011

Weekend Fishing Report 2/3 - 2/5

Houghton Lake Sun Set

Saginaw River (2/3) Fished the river Thursday afternoon South of Hooters in 23 FOW.  We hooked nine walleyes in two hours all 12 to 14 inchers.  On my way out to my fishing area I found several areas that only had about 2-inches of ice which was a bit alarming and odd for as cold as it has been.

Houghton Lake (2/4)  The fishing was very good, but the snow drifts and slush conditions made traveling on the lake difficult.  We fished the NW side of the lake in 9 FOW from 7am - 7pm.  The best bite was on tip ups set 18-inches off the bottom with small gray minnows.  Overall we hooked eight walleyes, four keepers, two pike and lots of perch.

Pratt Lake (2/5):  Headed to Pratt Lake on Saturday and found lots of deep snow and slush.  Fished the SE side of the lake in 9 to 15 FOW and caught lots of pike and bass, but no walleyes.  
Rich and Butch Tip Up

Houghton Lake

Saginaw River Micro Walleye

Saginaw River

Scouting Pratt Lake in the Slush