Monday, April 05, 2010

3" Magnum report

On the lower detroit river weather has been the center of my attention the past couple weeks. Temp swings from 35 to 80 degrees making the walleye staging slower than last year. The fish are there but only biting @ certain times then shutting down all together like someone turned off the switch. Easter morning I witnessed an absolute feeding frenzy from 8:30 till 9:15, almost every boat in line south of the point picked up fish for a short time then it shut down all together. Everyone scattered to find fish in deeper water but it was a fruitless effort. They are also turning on in mid to late afternoon and after dark. The wyandotte area anglers are finding fish staging in typical areas with better succes than trenton chanel.
Key colors this week are chartruse, orange and white.
Gentlemen "keep your poles wet and if it smells like fish its a good thing" good luck!
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