Friday, June 15, 2007

Still Catching Walleyes

I've been fishing three times since my last fishing report. I fished June 1st and landed 4 walleyes all of them were in 6FOW of the lighthouse point or as the bass fishing guys call it the bass bedding ground. We trolled the area at 1.9mph using small bomber (Red / White).

Fished again on June 10th in the same area and picked up five walleyes with one being 22" and two nice small mouth bass. Small tail dancers were the ticket.

June 13th was my last trip out and we ended up getting four walleyes all 15 - 19 inches. I'm thinking that the fishing in 5 to 6 FOW is about done. The water temp was 82-degree's F at 2 foot below the surface. On this trip we didn't catch any pike or bass which was odd.

My next fishing trip is tomorrow morning on the Saginaw Bay. We are fishing in a local tournament sponsored by the Eagles 1010. Everyone I have talked to down here in Bay City are telling me that they are slamming walleye in 16 to 20 FOW using meat at 1.6mph. I'll find out tomorrow and I'll post the fishing report by Monday.

Good luck fishing.