Friday, June 01, 2007

2007 Upper Peninsula Fishing Trip

This years team fishing trip to Michigan's Upper Peninsula was AWESOME. The fishing was the best I have seen in ten years.
We headed up to Curtis on Tuesday (5-22) and started out fishing on Big Manistee Lake at 2:00pm. We didn't even get our second rod set and we had our fist walleye and shortly after that we had another fish. Fishing was excellent on the big man, but we didn't catch any big walleyes. We fished until dark and ended up with 15 walleyes for dinner. We found that Brown colored Storm Junior Thunder Sticks, Trout colored tail dancers (at drak) and blue back with clear bottom 3 inch bombers worked great.
Wednesday we fished Autrain Lake and again limited out with 15 walleyes. The weather was OK with high winds which caused us to move to the south end of the lake. Autrain is a great walleye lake. Trolling can be hard do to the weeds, but if you can find the breaks by the weeds you will do very well. Our favorite bait on Autrain is the Storm Junior Thunder Stick trolled 45 feet behind the boat. On the outside rods we run Tail Dancers normally black and gray or trout colored.
Thursday we fished South Manistee Lake and only caught eleven keeper walleyes, but the South lake has bigger fish then Autrain and Big Man. Early in the year the best method on the South lake is to troll deep diving baits into the shallow rocks and the turn your boat out and drag the baits off of the breaks in to the 7 foot waters. The only issue with South Manistee lake is the shallow boat launches.
Friday we headed over to Forest Lake and limited out. Forest Lake was much harder to fish do to all of the logs and stumps. I would not recommend trolling in Forest Lake because of the snags and stumps. You need to pay attention when traveling the lake because of all the floating wood, rocks bars, and stumps that are close to the surface. The lake has one good launch and the fishing is great for pike and walleyes. I recommend jigging with bright colors with leeches and gulp because of the water stain. We are planning on fishing Forest again in July.
I could go on forever about how great our fish trip was this year, but to sum it up our team ended up boating 187 legal walleyes on four different lakes. We caught a lot of pike some as larger as 36 inches and a few perch. I was also surprised at the number of DNR visits we had, we were stopped on three out of the four lakes and checked out.
I'm heading up to Houghton Lake after work today. I'll report the action on Monday.
Good luck fishing.