Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Baits That Are Catching Walleye This Week

We are starting to catch walleyes now that we have located them.

Rapala tail dancers small 2'-4' deep runners in 6.5 FOW and when we are out in 10 FOW we use the medium tail dancers that run at 8' deep. All of our trolling rods are setup with 8 lb test mono.

During the day blue / white and black / gray are working well. One hour before dark and after we are using the trout color. You will notice some of the hooks are red. We are experimenting with new hooks and only change to them after the standard hooks are destroyed by pike.

Bomber Long A minnows. We use 3" baits that dive 3' -4' when we fish in 6- 7 FOW and the walleyes are on top of the weed cover. I like to use the larger 4" minnows 2' -3' divers in the early part of the season when the fish are in shallow and feeding on larger prey. These baits make a lot of noise and have worked well for us on Houghton Lake over the years.

Typically white / red out produces all colors, but this year the 3" wonder bread color and the 4" trout color are on fire. Blue with the clear body is also a standard producer, but this year its been 100% pike pounder.
Also wanted to add a photo of the variety of Bomber Long A 4" minnows we use on Houghton Lake early in the year. We change our storage containers to the individual holders and it's working great. Quick changes are faster and no more tangled hooks. Plus if you have an empty slot you know your missing a bait.

For jigging this year and in the past 3" Berkly Gulp minnow have worked very good. When I jig for walleyes I use Berkly Gulp about eighty percent of the time. This stuff really works
well. Sometimes when the fish are slower I cut the tail off and use the
body with a leech. It seems to work. I prefer the metallic jig heads over the painted and set my weight as light as I can.