Monday, January 26, 2015

Budd Lake 1/24/15

Budd Lake 

Saturday afternoon we made a trip back to Budd Lake to try and find a big walleye.  We started at the South end of the lake and fished up the West shore without much luck.  While scouting we found a few pan fish for dinner which made the trip great.  The pan fish were in 18 to 23 FOW on the bottom. Saw lots of fishermen on the Southeast shore and on the point.

Budd Lake 18 to 23 FOW

Sunday morning we made our annual trip to Arnold Lake.  We scouted and fished from 9am to 3pm without any success.  In the morning we started out at the boat launch and drilled the East shore from 10 to 55 FOW and only found a few very small perch.  Then we worked around the South shore and back along the West shore using the camera, sonar, and fishing without any luck.  At noon we headed to the deepest part of the lake and found nothing.  On our way around the North end we found life when we were checked by the DNR officer cutting across the lake on his way to Long Lake.  Overall, Arnold is not the lake it was in the late 80's.  The lake association has started planting fishs which should help in the year to come.

Arnold Lake - Drilling lots of  holes on the sunken Island.
Good Luck....