Friday, July 12, 2013

Houghton Lake

Houghton Lake 11 FOW
Slip bobber blue gill

Walleye weeds 11 FOW
Houghton Lake morning trip to the north shore weeds.  Fished NW of the middle grounds around the deeper exposed weeds Friday morning.  Used the electric motor and the spot lock function to hold outside of the weeds while fishing two slip bobber rigs and a jig.  Caught half of my fish on slip bobbers and a leech which is lots of fun and easy fishing.  Also did well jigging through and around the weeds with a weed less setup tipped with a gulp minnow.   Found a few blue gills in the weeds and well be back to find more next week.   At the launch I talked to a fishermen from Shepard that had done well on big blue gills and a few walleyes on the north shore.

Good Luck...

12:30 pm walleye 11 FOW