Sunday, July 01, 2012

Houghton Lake Fishing Report 7/1/12

West Shore Pan Fish and Walleyes
The West shore of Houghton Lake is heating up. We started fishing at 9:30am this morning in 11 FOW slowly working our way around the weeds jigging Berkeley Gulp minnows and leeches. No wind and 80 degree water temps made ideal conditions for working in and around the weeds. We setup slip bobbers with leeches 18 inches off bottom as our secondary rods. At noon we stumbled across a nice school of pan fish that ended up producing four gills at the ten inch mark one at 10.5 and a nice mess for our dinner. The walleye action was best on Berkeley Gulp minnows orange / yellow jigs fished up off bottom. We hooked 10 walleyes and 4 keepers by 1pm.

I talked to a group of fishermen at the dock that had a few walleyes and some big pike. They said they were jig fishing east of the Limber Lost in 10 to 12 FOW.

Crooked Lake:  Saturday morning we fished in a bass tournament on Crooked Lake in Lake Station and had a wonderful time.  This was our first time on the lake and we found lots of bass and big pan fish.   I marked out a few spots and plan to return in January to try hooking some of the big crappy the lake is known for.  Overall the lake is worth fishing if you like to catch bass.

Good Luck.....

Berkeley Gulp Minnow Walleye
Alex with his first fish 11 FOW