Sunday, March 25, 2012

3" Magnum Report - Detroit River

We went out to the Trenton channel Saturday for a while and found fishing to be mediocre in the morning with only 1 big male in the box and a few lost fish. Afternoon was super slow with just a few strikes. The water temp was 46 deg in the am and 47 deg in the pm. The weather change, pea soup fog and NE stiff winds that changed to South wind played a big factor in the slow fishing this weekend.  I talked to a few fishermen that did catch decent numbers and a lot of guys got skunked.

Sunday morning I went out to Ohio waters in lake Erie between Turtle Island and the Toledo light in 10 FOW and picked up a few fish on yellow and orange blade baits and lost a few as well in the chocolate milk colored water. The water temp was 53 deg and the SW wind made jigging difficult at times but I was catching fish. I did check out the dumping grounds out from Bolles Harbor and found clear water and lots of people caught limits out there. I will give that a shot next weekend.

- Rich