Monday, July 26, 2010

Houghton Lake / Saginaw Bay Reports

Houghton Lake: Fished Houghton Lake on Friday (7-23) and had the pleasure of taking my nephew Nick out for the first time this year.  We headed out of the South DNR boat launch about one mile and setup in 12 FOW trolling the weed edge East and West. We setup with TD7 taildancers and Berkley minnows all down in the 7 foot range. The fishing action was ok and overall we caught 2 keeper walleyes and put back six undersized fish. Closer to dark we moved to sallower water and trolled with trout colored taildancers and trout colored Berkley minnows. The best action was after dark and we caught eight walleyes six of which were keepers.

Saginaw Bay: We launched out of Standish at noon and fished until 7pm. Fishing was slow and the floating weeds made trolling very difficult. We ended up catching two walleyes on purple harnesses in 24 FOW. The highlight of the day was the excitement of my nephew landing his very first catfish, he loved it.

Good luck…..