Saturday, June 14, 2008

Houghton Lake Walleye 6-11-08

Houghton Lake walleye fishing continues to produce. We have been working an area 1.5 miles out of the south launch in 6 FOW that is holding a lot of fish.

The track we are fishing is about 3/4 of a mile long and has 12 to 14 FOW on each side of the narrow strip. Currently we are trolling the shallow bar and picking up fish on all along the way.

White storms run back 20 ft and blue and silver taildancers 37 foot back are still the top producers. On our next trip out I'll post a few way points to get the walleye location pin pointed. The bad thing this year has been that we cannot get a normal day to fish. The wind and rain have made everyday fishing on Houghton Lake a real challenge.

PRATT LAKE Fishing Report:
Pratt is one of my favorite winter walleye lakes. Today my nephew and I made a trip out to Pratt in the middle of the day to practice our bass fishing technique. The boat traffic was bad and the day was warm, so we started out fishing the south sore in 15 FOW and had great success. We ended up landing three walleye one which was 25-inches and we limited out on bass. Along with the action we picked up nine very respectable blue gills. All of our fish were caught on leaches fished behind slip rigs with no spinners.

We will be back on Houghton Monday and we will report back. GO FISHING......It's fun........