Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Walleye Report 5-5-08

Despite the strong Northwest winds Monday night turned out to be an excellent walleye fishing night. We made it out on the lake by 6:45pm and headed out to 6 FOW to work two bumps that normally hold walleyes. Last night was an exception to a few walleyes. We fished for a little over three hours and landed 14 keeper walleyes, lost three, and put back 12 undersized fish.

The water temperature held at 55-degrees F all night and the fishing action was constant. We ran tail dancers (black / silver) 55 back, 3" bomber (red / white) (bubble gum) 60-65 feet back and Storm Thundersticks (White) (Black / Red / Gold) 20 foot off of the front of the boat.

We will be back on Houghton this Thursday night.