Monday, February 04, 2008

Fishing Report 2-3-08

Houghton Lake 2-1-08

  • Find the weed areas and you will find the fish. Caught three walleyes in 9FOW using a watermellon colored Northland jigging spoon with a 2-inch minnow. Fishing has been the best from 4:00pm to dark.

Stevenson Lake (Clare) 2-2-08

  • Our fishing team spent the afternoon scouting and fishing Stevenson Lake without much success. We fished for six hours and only caught a few small bluegills. I used my camera all day and only saw small bluegills and a few bass. The lake has limited weeds and where you find the weeds is where you will find the most fishermen.

Budd Lake 2-3-08

  • Perch fishing is still very good. We had to spend about one hour drilling holes and looking with the camera to find a good school of perch in 15 FOW. We caught some very nice fish and had a great time. I still see a lot of guys fishing in front of the power dock and on the north end of the lake.