Monday, October 01, 2007

September Walleye Trip

We didn't get a chance to fish Houghton Lake in August because we were out in Colorado bow hunting for elk and mule deer for 3-weeks so I don't have an August report. But after getting all of the hunting stuff done we made it up to Houghton Lake on (9-28) to try out a few of our fall fishing spots.

Our trip started out at 4:30pm with a very strong wind out of the NW. We headed over to the north shore and started trolling the edge of the sand bar in 7 FOW. After an hour of landing weeds and pike we picked up and headed back south to fish a spot that is normally hot in early May.

We setup with small blue / gold bomber, clown colored small bombers, and small blue tail dancers 55 and 68 foot back on 8 lb test in 5.5 FOW at a 1.9mph troll. As we made our second pass at 5:20pm we hit directly on the sand break and picked up two walleyes. We marked the spot and stated working it until we had our tenth fish at 7:45pm. The best walleye we caught was 23-inches.

When we were pulling our boat out we met up with two other fishermen who put had in two days on Houghton Lake in 7 - 10 FOW. They were drift fishing and reported that they had only caught three walleyes and a ton of pike. My suggestion for anyone fishing Houghton is to find sandy breaks and troll.

I'm not sure when I'll be back to fish Houghton because we have Michigan bow hunting and one more trip out west on (10-15).

Good Luck!