Sunday, June 16, 2013

Houghton Lake 6/14 / Coldwater Lake 6/15

Houghton Lake West Shore

Houghton Lake

Coldwater Lake Fishing trip with all the kids

Houghton Lake Friday 6/14:  Fishing was slow at best.  Started out fishing in 10 to 13 FOW on the North shore and hooked two undersized walleyes while drifting.  At 8pm we moved to the West shore and fished in 8 to 10 FOW and didn't hook a fish.  We gave up on drifting and trolled at dark and caught and released one legal walleye.

Coldwater Lake Saturday 6/15:  Saturday afternoon we headed over to Isabella County to try out Coldwater Lake.  This was our fist time on the lake so we spent most of the evening scouting around.  We did not find any fish activity in the 20 to 40 foot depth which make up most of the lake.  Close to dark we fished the narrow strips of shallow water near the boat launch and hooked five undersized walleyes and lots of bass.  Overall the lake is very nice and appears to have a good walleye population.

Good Luck...

Coldwater Lake