Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Detroit River Walleye "3- magnum report"

9.1 pound Detroit River 10/10/11 
Monday October 10th:
Michigan State Trooper Mark Miller took a few hours off from chasing the bad guys to head out to the Detroit River to try for some fall eyes and landed this 9.1 lb lunker.
He was fishing with our friend Don Ferguson in his new sea nymph drifting with chartreuse hogs and crawlers in 8 fow.
Don't forget about the annual frog migration to the lakes where you should have great night fishing from the shore casting bright colored bombers, reflective and glow as the Walleyes wait in the shallows for unsuspecting frogs. Try rocky areas and be quiet, the fish will be very close to shore and will spook easily. You should catch a limit of hogs.