Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Houghton Lake Walleye Report 5/12 - 5/15

There are benefits to being late for work like bumping into your all time favorite walleye fishermen at the gas station. This morning I had the pleasure shaking hands with Gary Parsons and checking out his boat while pumping gas. I must say wow, it was awesome to finally meet the guy I have read about and studied from for years, it made my day. Ok, now on to the Houghton Lake Walleye report for the last week.
Last Tuesday the fishing action took a turn for the worst when the water temperature dropped 10 degrees overnight on shallow Houghton Lake. I made it out fishing on Wednesday and caught six walleyes on the South Shore and really didn’t notice a major change in bite.
Friday we stared out of the South lunch at 7:50am and didn’t catch a keeper walleye until 9:40am. The morning action was super slow the wind was terrible and after changing up a few times we hit a spot in 6 FOW just west of the Limberlost that ended up producing eight walleyes by the end of the day. Saturday we headed out at 9:00am and did some exploring around the lake. We setup on the North shore in 7 FOW and picked up three walleye the best on being 18.5 inches. After marking a few areas we headed to the East Bay where we trolled the East shore and ended up catching seven walleye two of which were keepers. Fishing friends Jeff and Tom were out on HL Saturday and reported 3 keepers after fishing all day.
Overall the weather and the extreme 10 degree drop in water temperature made catching Houghton Lake walleye a bit difficult last week. I’ll be out fishing on Wednesday and will report back.

Good Luck….