Thursday, May 04, 2006

Windy Weekend

Walleye Season opened up this year with a east wind that didn't let up. This created problems for many anglers who wanted to still fish.

We caught a total of 10 walleyes for the weekend with sizes between 15 - 19 inches. We caught all our fish trolling on larger body baits. Troll speed 1.5 mph which you could almost do going west without your motor. The weekend hot spot was trolling 10 - 15 foot of water in front of the Limberlost and just to the East of this area. Fish were picked up around the scattered weeds in this flat area.

On Saturday we caught all our fish on natural colors. Sunday the fish were most active on Red & white as shown in the photo or silver with red.

We will keep you updated on where to look for walleyes this year on Houghton Lake.

See You Out There...
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