Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Sunday April 9, 2006

It's that time again when all serious anglers have to choose between open water Walleye or river fishing steelhead. We enjoy both, however it was time to get the boat out into the Saginaw bay for some Walleye.

We weren't disappointed as we started our day off trolling Green & Silver Thunder Stick body baits running 5 - 7 ft. Most of the fish we were marking were suspended between 5 - 11 ft and we did best trolling the edge of the shipping channel as fish were holding on the break. We also picked up fish by the channel island rock wall. The water is still pretty murkey and so we were using a little extra noise in the lures to help attract our fish. We slowed our troll down to about 1.7 mph, just enough to keep the wobble in our body baits.

We will be fishing the Saginaw Bay all year but our season opener will be on Houghton Lake this year. Good Luck to everyone starting out 2006 on the Saginaw Bay and we will keep you posted on where to find fish and what to use.

See You Out There!
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